2013, what’s in store!

2012 saw Love Mee and the design side, Mee Mee Designs complete a lot of personal canvas paintings, gifts and commissions for some wonderful clients, exhibiting at the Long Barn Gallery, having art work displayed on websites, doing some great fairs and meeting lots of new faces, Art on the Prom and another successful day at Felixstowe, but I also got to complete two self publishing projects with an author which have been greatly received in Hampshire into WHS, Waterstone’s and many local bookshops, had an advert in The Sunday Times Culture Magazine, mentioned on radio, designed my first ever e-book and been involved with some awesome projects with publishers like the BBC and Scholastic. Oh as well as designing a logo for the Federation of Children’s Books Conference in Suffolk happening very soon!

My goodness. Top year!

What will 2013 bring I wonder…. things are already bubbling in the pipe lines! Watch this space.

Love Mee xxx


Birthday cakes and pieces of art

This has nothing at all to do with my design or art work under my Love Mee brand but when you are a bit arty it is fun to turn your hand at creating something different!

In this case my little mans 9th birthday cake! Skylanders was the theme and this is what I have created. Hope he likes it!

And now to bed…
Love Mee xxx


Art on the Prom 2012!

For the third year now I will be exhibiting at Felixstowe in the wonderful Art on the Prom event. 2nd September 10-4pm along the front at Felixstowe. I will be sharing the stall again with the very talented Charlotte Risk. It is a fabulous free event and if the weather holds (please SUN SHINE!) it is busy, happy and just simply wonderful.

Here is the link to the event and you will also find Love Mee Designs listed with some photo’s and info about us.


If you do pop along please come and say hello. I believe we are down at the Spa end this year, (stall no 72!) So lots of local talented arty people displaying their work.

Enjoy the sunshine!
love Mee

Fun in the sun.

What a busy few weeks! Olympics, SUN SHINE (!), commissions and Art on the Prom preparation, oh and spending lots of quality time with my little boy, doing lots of arty things of course!

I was recently commissioned to paint a rather large canvas for a friend of mine for her dinning room. I took step by step photo’s which are actually really lovely to look back and to see how I progressed and changed the imagery. So here they are and I hope you enjoy them! She was thrilled and have to say it looks a knock out on the large neutral wall in her newly decorated dinning area!

Love Mee xxx

ImageThe beginning of the painting. Was a lovely sunny day so got to enjoy painting outside!

ImageBase layer detail.

ImageGetting a little more detail in and changing the shape and texture of the piece.

ImageDetail of the finishing touches!

ImageDetail of the finished painting.

ImageFinished painting, happy days!







What a fab day!

Hi all!

Had a great day at the Strawberry fair and yes I did have some strawberries! Lots of interest in possible commissions so all very exciting.

I have to say that I meet some lovely people and the weather was kind to us! Yippee!

I wanted to mention two very talented and lovely ladies from a local business in suffolk. I met Jacqui with her gorgeous hand painted products and wonderfully scrumptious stall Halfpenny Home.

halfpennyhome.blogspot.co.uk Please pop along to their lovely blog!

and visit their site: http://www.halfpennyhome.co.uk

I am going to have to make a special trip to their little shop as it sounds like an Aladdin’s cave! Especially for peeps who love to make and create.

Will pop some pictures of my stall up soon from the day.

Love Mee xxx

Dino Christening Gift, ROAR!!!!!!!

Hi there,

I was recently asked to create a christening gift for a little boy as a present to remember his day. I have done a few of these as gifts for babies detailing the day, time and weight along with their names as a keepsake. BUT this was one was a request with a difference. DINOSAUR’S were to be involved! 

My son has a triptych in his room I painted of a T-Rex which is in my portfolio! (Slight difference to my hearts!) and so the request was made for a christening framed painting but with dino’s. Not too scary but fun! This was the result which I was very chuffed with (and so was my lovely customer) and I hope is loved by the little boys family as a keepsake of his very special day!

Love Mee xxx


Din-o-saurus Christening gift painting. 
Commissions taken and can be personalised with childs name and details.
Prices start at £25 for framed, mounted painting 

An exciting venture with a difference!

Over a year ago I was fortunate to meet a gentleman, Chris Brindle who had the drive and passion to investigate extensively the history of one of his ancestors, a once famous but now slightly forgotten Portsmouth artist R.H.C. Ubsdell.

Chris asked me to work with him as his designer to produce a book cataloguing the discoveries he has made. It is a truly incredible feat which has unearthed Royal connections and that to the amazing Austen family.

The book I have been working on is paced to explore the areas where Ubsdell painted, it plots a journey in Hampshire of the past which Chris has cleverly mixed with the present and what was and now is. It has a stunning collection of imagery, paintings from the hidden collection at the Portsmouth Museums and Records Service, Winchester Cathedral and Hampshire Records Office as well as some from the authors private collection.

Chris has cleverly plotted the route from Portsmouth, up through Hampshire, the Test Valley and out towards Alton and Basingstoke. Ubsdell painted an amazing collection of churches during the 1800’s as well as the most incredibly detailed and painstakingly wonderful miniatures of many influential people including Officers from the Navy based in Portsmouth.

He also unearthed a collection of paintings presented to Royality and connections to the talented Austen family.

It has been an emotional, frustrating, wonderful, obessively passionate journey for Chris and I have been honoured to have designed the book he is self publishing to show the amazing life of his great great great Grandfather.

In just over a weeks time an exhibition of Ubsdell’s work is to start at the Portsmouth City Museum and the first book will be available to show people. It is still a major work in progress and one Chris is happy to develop and change as he discovers so many new things.

I have used my many years of publishing experience to help create this and as Chris states ‘it is a book about pictures and each page is in itself a picture.’

I have had the honor of working with many talented authors and illustrators but this is such a different venture for me and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

If you would like to know more information or to visit the exhibition a website has been created by the very talented team at Amiys Solutions, so please visit


Hope you like it!

Love Mee xxx

The cover design of Volume 1

Love Mee’s been busy!

Hello all,

Well what a busy few weeks! The exhibition at the Town Hall Gallery, Ipswich has been very successful and I was delighted to sell some work! Who ever purchased one of my Love Letters pieces I do hope that it is thoroughly enjoyed!

Love Letters, Valentine.

Here are a few photo’s from the exhibition. I was in the gallery for a morning and met a real selection of people. Was just great to be chatting about art and what we all do.

I spy a little bit of Love Mee!

Eeeek! A piece sold! I love the sight of the wee red dot!

A selection of work by the many exhibitors of ASAT

I have also been a busy bee designing and making a friends wedding invitations! In true Love Mee style. Lots of burgandy and silver hearts donned my table and they were thrilled with the final pieces. More wedding pieces coming up soon!


Love Mee xxx